Ongoing Mentoring

This longer term mentoring programme offers increased support and accountability for your marketing planning and gives ongoing perspective.

Ongoing mentoring gives you continual support with a regular meeting, Skype session or phone call as preferred.

You get assistance with every aspect of your marketing, whilst also being empowered to do it yourself.  More than just a mentor, if required I can offer advice, insights and tools as you need them.

Sessions can be frequent or more spread out depending on your needs…

For some ongoing mentoring offers valuable accountability, others just want to be able to develop their ideas regularly.

As well as in session support – helping you find solutions to address your marketing challenges – for regular clients, I make a point to follow up on important events or send things I think are relevant in between sessions!

Interestingly, one of things that clients find most useful is having someone to be accountable to as well as to bounce ideas off for new products or promotions!

Driving you forward

The added stimulus from someone who knows what you are planning, will have ideas if you hit a wall is often what you need to move forward!

You can use ongoing mentoring for as little or as long as you like as a per session fee is charged.

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