Anyone in the office willing to grow a Moustache? Chart their progress with pics you share with followers or hold an event to ‘shave it off’ and raise money for a great cause. It’s win-win!

8th World Quality Day
A forum for innovation, inspiration and creative ideas where quality is the outcome. Celebrate the achievements of your team, hold a seminar or event to spread the ‘importance of quality’ message internally and externally.

11th Remembrance Day 

18th  Mickey Mouse’s Birthday
Who doesn’t want to wish this iconic and friendly rodent a Happy Birthday?  Use it to host a giveaway competition or find an appropriate animation to share

20th Universal Children’s Day
Established by the UN in 1954 to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. Go back to your own childhood by thanking a teacher or celebrate children with quotes or raising awareness of the plight of many who are unfortunate.

21st World Hello Day
It represents the idea that conflicts can be solved with communication rather than force.  Use it as a chance to communicate with clients and followers, maybe pick up the phone to say hello to some whilst using social to spread the message of peace!

24th Thanksgiving (US) 
A US holiday that started giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest from the preceding year. A chance to thank customers and supporters both publicly and privately.  It’s also a chance to help others an enhance your brand image at the same time. Engage in a visible community improvement project or sponsor an event that helps those in need.

25th Black Friday
A day for big sales that started in the US and seems to have spread to the UK and extended for the weekend. People will be looking for bargains, so you can go with it or be part of the anti-movement. Bargain hunters tend to stay away from the high street, preferring to shop for offers online, with sales over the entire weekend expected to top £5.76billion.

29th Electronic Greetings day

Marvellous Marketing…

Festive Marketing often starts towards the end of November and we are weary of it by the day itself.

A favourite holiday ad of mine is one which featured no products but was about the stories and the spirit of Christmas.

Directed by Wes Anderson it is a beautiful, heartwarming story.

The message for marketers? Marketing is about stories and emotions and sometimes it is what you leave out rather than what you put in that makes you stand out!

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