Kids Week (London theatres)
It now lasts all month, but Kids Week is when kids go free to the theatre with a full paying adult. Most London Shows take part and it’s a great opportunity to do something theatre or kid related. 

5th National Sisters Day

8th International Cat Day

10th Duran Duran Appreciation Day
Yes really!

12th Teen Choice Awards

14th Afternoon Tea Week
Jam? Scones? Cake? We all have our favourite afternoon tea treats and this is the perfect chance to have something afternoon tea themed in your marketing. Host an afternoon tea for adults or make it a teddy bears picnic tea for kids. Targeting a younger audience? Try a special twist that fits your products. and your target audience.  Or run a competition to win tea for two. 

16th Elvis Memorial day

17th Qixi (sometimes referred to as Chinese Valentine’s Day)

19th World Photo Day
A great chance to encourage people to share photos with your products on social media or simply get involved in the conversation with your own. Instagram will no doubt be on fire – look at creating collages or doing something different. Get familiar with photoshop and have some fun. Share tips on taking better photos.

22nd Be an Angel Day
Choose a customer or a few and do something really special for them!

27th Summer Bank Holiday
The last long weekend before Christmas and a chance to make the most of the last of the summer sun (if we’re lucky to still have some!). Lazy days, last minute getaways or carnival-style fun are all great opportunities to promote something different!

Marvellous Marketing…

The Lokai bracelet has become a world-famous accessory thanks to the brand’s inspiring message of positivity, dedication to exploration, and commitment to helping a variety of causes. The idea is one which works well on World Photo Day as Instagram is their primary platform.

A widespread customer base means they use social media effectively, allows their fans to connect and share. This user-generated content is perfect for promoting their products. Their Instagram Feed is full of gorgeous pics that are almost all product focused. Brilliant!

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