Collaboration | Flexibility | Respect

These are the values which I work by and believe are conducive to developing strong, productive, client relationships.
As  a strategic email consultant, I work on 3 primary principles to give your programme a solid foundation – data led analysis, best practices and testing and refinement.
As your mentor, I believe my role is to inspire you to discover new ideas,  motivate you to drive your business forward and above all empower you with the tools and techniques you need.

Whatever your requirement, the key in ensuring I am the right person for you lies in getting to know you first.

There are 3 stages to starting a relationship on the right foot;



no obligation chat about your business and needs



How I can help you develop meaningful customer relationships and grow your business.


Your choice

On whether you want to go ahead before sending an agreement for the work


I quote by the job based on the number of hours I think it will take me to do it and my hourly rate. You pay what I quote assuming the spec hasn’t significantly changed even if it takes longer than I thought.

Work ethic and style

I believe in respect and integrity in my professional relationships. I have worked with both large corporate organisations and small businesses, so I am realistic about what can be achieved in different arenas as well as able to adopt a flexible approach.

I enjoy a professional but relaxed style of working which encourages collaboration, idea generation and honest feedback without crossing important professional boundaries.

I am a home based, working mum so like many millions of women I juggle work and children and so understand the many personal and professional pressures on business managers!

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