Mentoring Workshop

A marketing mentor workshop helps you develop a realistic marketing plan tailored to you and your business alongside an expert.

The Marketing Mentor Workshop is personalised for you and your business needs.

A mentoring workshop is ideal for clients looking for marketing support but who want someone to work with them rather than for them. As a mentor I will empower you with knowledge, inspire you with ideas and motivate you with enthusiasm!

Following an initial chat to understand your current situation, the workshop is tailored to meet your needs but broadly follows the following structure:


Current Challenges

Useful insights

Interactive brainstorm


Action Plan

The most important thing is that you get a marketing plan that suits YOUR needs, not a pre-manufactured list of tasks.

It doesn’t have to be complex – a one pager or small number of targeted tasks that you are comfortable with and can refer to easily is often better!

We will work together to understand your needs, motivation and put togther a practical and managable plan that you are comfortable with and feel able to implement. 

You then have the choice as to whether you’d like further support or recommendations from me, ongoing sessions or to implement it on your own. 

Empowering You!

Because you are involved in the process, not only will you have a greater understanding of why you are doing what you’re doing, you will feel more driven to get out and do it!

And becuase you have the option of ongoing mentoring from as little as one session a month (short or longer term) should you want it, you can get additional support (or someone to be accountable to) without paying out a small fortune. 

A half day workshop starts from £400 (ncluding prep time).  A half day workshop with 2 follow up sessions is £600.

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