May Bank Holiday
The May Day Bank Holiday brings with a feel of fresh summer days just around the corner (weather permitting).  Originally, it was probably a Roman festival celebrating the beginning of Summer and still remains a celebration of the end of Winter. The perfect time to launch summer products and promotions. Have some fun around with a Maypole or Morris dancing related promotion.

4th Star Wars Day
Ok, it’s corny but growing every year.  If nothing else, give the day a shout out on social media. If it’s right for your audience, go big with fab content.  Colouring competitions, Lego building contests, dressing up days, special offers on a certain product or special products!

9th National Receptionists Day

12th Eurovision
Can’t make your mind up about this particular contest? Whatever you think,  it’s a chance to celebrate all things cheesy, bright and glittery.  If you’re Pan-European, it’s good to know that this is Europe’s largest TV show attracting nearly twice the viewership of the Super Bowl in peak years. A sweepstake is always good fun or sharing some fun games you could do around the night (they don’t HAVE to involve drinking – but it helps!)

15th Ramadan Begins 
dates may vary

19th FA Cup Final
You don’t have to be a football fan to know about or take advantage of the buzz around the cup final. Supermarkets bring down the price of beer and snacks to get you to stay in and pubs are urging you through their doors to watch. This is a great opportunity to engage with your footballing customers with related offers and promotions or offer ‘escapism’ options for non-football fans!

28th Spring Bank Holiday 
This usually coincides with the school summer half term so embrace holiday related offers for kids – anything to keep them entertained! If you market to parents some kind of open day or event that they can come along to is bound to go down well.

Marvellous Marketing…

As people are looking for a half term getaway I thought I’d share this marketing campaign by with an amusing take on the ‘Skip Ad’ button found on YouTube videos.

When you hit the button on the ad, the same video is played, but every character in the video is now skipping. It’s in keeping with the tone of previous ads featuring Captain Obvious who had a silent video ad.

The video here demonstrates the concept by flicking between the two versions of the ad.

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