1st New Years Day
Wish all your customers and followers a fantastic and prosperous New Year. Messages around getting organised and focused are always popular as are ‘January sales’ but you may struggle to stand out in the sea of other similar messages!

6th Cuddle Up Day 
An opportunity to snuggle up on a cold winters’ day or night. Chances are it’s cold outside so, cosy up to a special someone, and enjoy the warmth and love. Use it as a reason to promote anything that makes you cosy and comfy from blankets, slippers to a good book or time with that special someone and a glass of wine.

7th Golden Globes
The little brother of the Oscars, there is still lots of buzz around the event.  Can you offer a Golden Globes package of some kind before the big night? Have you got a lookalike of a nominee in the office or your own take on one of the films? Staying topical may mean you need to tune in and tweet when something relevant to your organisation when it comes up. Get involved in the conversation online or offer tailored packages!

14th Dress Up Your Pet Day
Share pictures, create special products, invite people to share their pics. A great time to bring a personal element to your marketing.

15th Blue Monday
Supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Share humour, sales and inspirational quotes to cheer people up or organise a party to beat the blues!

18th Peoples Choice Awards

20th  Penguin Awareness Day
Share info about these natives of Antarctica. Have a black and white theme to your marketing, or wear black and white (maybe even a tux!) to work. Share a penguin joke or two.

25th Opposite Day
A topsy, turvy day when everything you say, do, see, and hear are the opposite. If you say go left, you mean go right. Popular with school kids (Sponge Bob Square Pants did an entire episode on it and it’s mentioned in Alice in Wonderland) you could have some fun with marketing (or even a flash sale 51% instead of 15% off!)

31st Inspire Your Heart With Art Day
Celebrating art and the effect it can have on your heart.  A great time to appreciate local artists or run a relevant competition. Have an employees art show!

Marvellous Marketing…

L’Oreal offered classy Golden Globes inspired styling tutorials during the awards show and included some handy GIFs to illustrate the steps to create the look.

They shared the tutorials across social media taking advantage of the #GoldenGlobes buzz.


2nd Groundhog Day

3rd Six Nations
Rugby fans are a marketing goldmine – incomes are at least 20% higher than UK average. 71% are social grade AB and they’re more likely to convert across key sectors such as business, finance and automotive. These are great reasons to start liking rugby! They love sharing rugby content online (and often share the TV schedule to keep informed). Build a rapport with rugby fans – you may want to pick a side, package products in a way that fits the big teams (think colours or national characteristics) or have some fun. Inspirational images and quotes are sure to be liked online. 

12th Grammy Awards

14th Valentines
So many ways to share the love! You can suggest people’ share the love’ with a refer a friend promotion, run a Valentines special offer or talk about why you love your customers and clients. A Valentines card for special customers with a little gift. Encourage people to share their loved-up pics or stories. Pilot Pens ran a campaign in which they asked their fans to create handwritten notes for their loved ones – something a bit different in the digital age!

13th Pancake Day
A great chance to have a little fun. For anyone in catering special menus are the obvious option here! Organise a pancake tasting or tossing competition in the office, with other local businesses or in the community.  Pancakes are cheap to make so a pancake party may also be an option. Invite followers to share their favourite flavours, accompaniments and pictures

16th Chinese New Year
2018 is the year of the Dog and this is a great opportunity to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year or do something with an Asian theme if your business lends itself. Share relevant Chinese quotes and proverbs, maybe hold a raffle with fortune cookies. Encourage user-generated content by asking them to share festive pictures. People engage with their emotions so a story that taps into the positive emotions and messages around Chinese New Year.

17th Random Acts of Kindness Day

22nd World Thinking Day

Within the Scouts and Guides, this is a day of international friendship. an opportunity to raise awareness of issues affecting young people around the globe and help out. Possibly do some fundraising or take some treats to your local scouts or guides. Maybe you can use it as an opportunity to share expertise with a local trioupe.

24th Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

28th Floral Design Day


Marvellous Marketing…

One Valentines, several years ago now, Innocent drinks came up with the thought to allow their fans to create ‘Love Labels’ for their loved ones. Their consumers got the opportunity to create personalized messages, or to simply choose existing graphics and customize them. Further, Innocent also allowed them to print, attach and share the labels on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Consumers got the opportunity to create personalised messages, or to simply choose existing graphics and customise them.

Innocent also allowed them to print, attach and share the labels on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


1st World Book Day
What were your favourite books as a child or are now? World book day is a great chance to celebrate all books. If you’ve written one write about it or share other books that have influenced you professionally or personally. Take the dressing up theme into the office and have some fun you can share online.

3rd World Wildlife Day

4th Oscars
Celebrities attending the Oscars understand the power of a great image. Humans connect emotionally to images more than video, audio or text, so make the most of your own images around this time. Join in the conversation on social media with #Oscars, it’s a great time to retweet some influencers and get noticed yourself. Make your own movie, maybe a spoof on a nominated film or something more relevant to your business. Create your own awards for customers or maybe the office and share the fun online.

7th Anniversary of Monopoly invented

8th International Women’s Day
If you have an international audience, they won’t all celebrate mothers day when we do in the UK. International Women’s Day day is about focusing on key issues like gender parity and women empowerment. This day is meant to make women feel special. Gifts are common. A special discount on this day may enhance your business. An e-mail campaign tying it in with Mothers Day can help celebrating women be they our family or inspirational figures on the world stage.  A socially responsible act such as sponsoring a girl child or a donation to a women’s charity then encouraging others to do the same can be a good starting point.

11th Mothers Day (UK)
Every year Mother’s Day offers you an opportunity to boost engagement rates and sales. Think creatively with social media campaigns and look at the most relevant hashtags. You can organise a social media contest, provide tips to followers to make the day memorable, or offer a special discount. Touch peoples emotions by asking what they learnt from their mum

17th St. Patricks Day
So many opportunities here. You may choose to go all out with a St Paddy’s day party or something more sedate – a green theme to marketing or in the office. A contest or sweepstake (best or Irish luck to yer!) or some other fun. A spot the difference game with four-leaf clovers or leprechauns maybe.

20th Internat Day of Happiness and Spring Equinox
As spring starts, we think of new beginnings, new life and freshening up as well as the beauty of nature returning. Combine the 2 things with inspiring quotes or gorgeous backgrounds. Create content that encourages readers to freshen up their look, their desk or themselves. Find a way to make people happy beyond offers with thank yous

24th Red Nose Day

25th Daylight Savings Starts
You can simply remind people the clocks go back (someone always forgets) or do something related to time. This may be a historic look at your business or industry. Open early if you’re open on Sundays or do a special offer for that day. We lose an hour so tips on staying awake may also be very welcome!

27th Internat Whisky Day
Share your favourite tiple or run a competition to win a bottle if appropriate. Share the history of Whisky or other stories aorund the subject.

Marvellous Marketing…

One of favourite campaigns was by drinks company Minute Maid who got huge engagement with this video on a global scale. They created a video in which they asked real parents how well they were playing their part. The parents were in doubts and had no idea what their kids would say? But, words from their kids had touched their hearts and changed their minds.

This is a great way of helping us all realise that we are doing better than we think and inspired many people to tell their mums and dads that they are #doingood. This video had me in tears with the stories and emotions it shared.


1st Easter Sunday
A great chance to celebrate all things chocolate related and puns galore (#HappyYeaster – Marmite Marketing or Choctails in a bar!). As a local business, you could organise an Easter Egg hunt or do one online, upload pictures of eggs around the local community on social and asking people to guess where they are. If you have the budget or the in-house expertise, why not create an egg-related game?

1st April Fools Day
Businesses of all sizes have used this day as an opportunity to raise their profile. A favourite April Fools’ hoax, was when Taco Bell placed ads in major newspapers announcing it had purchased the Liberty Bell to help reduce the federal deficit and was planning to move it to Irvine, California. Americans were furious. There were more than 400 TV mentions and thousands of newspaper and radio mentions worth millions in media coverage, though Taco Bell sent out a news release announcing the hoax just a few hours later. The smart promotional gambit resulted in a $500,000 sales increase for the company on April 1 and a $600,000 increase on April 2.

2nd Autism Awareness Week
A chance to get involved in one of many great charity fundraising weeks.  You can register your interest online and hold an event (big or small) to raise funds as well as let other people know about the issues faced and how we can help as a society.

5th – 15th London Games Festival
Including Games Finance Market, Now Play This, the festival of playful work and experimental game design at Somerset House and the BAFTA Games Awards on Thursday, 12th.

10th to 12th London Book Fair

22nd Earth Day
First celebrated in 1970, and now co-ordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, it’s celebrated in some 193 countries, with events to demonstrate support for environmental protection. A great opportunity for environmentally-friendly businesses to raise their awareness. You don’t have to be a green company to take on an environmentally friendly promotion, such as planting trees and letting your customers know about it. Or use it as an opportunity to move some administrative tasks online.

24th Oxford Cambridge Boat Race
An affluent crowd follow the boat race so it’s a good event to tap into. This annual rowing race takes place between Mortlake and Putney on the River Thames. Look to get involved with the hashtag on social media with a well-crafted offer to gain some serious eyeballs on your brand?If you know someone who went to either University then you have a side to pick. Otherwise, you can share facts about the race, created themed posts and products or recreate your own race if you’re feeling daring!

29th Dance Day
The perfect day to run a dance competition (Facebook Live anyone!) or just a free day of dance if you have the location. Get together with other local businesses and have a danceathon for charity. Get staff and customers to show off their signature moves. Let people know the benefits of dance or share your favourite songs to boogie too! Maybe organise a flash mob, giving young and old alike a chance to indulge in dance and music whilst creating some fab PR as well.

Marvellous Marketing…

Beer and Easter? Tenuous link but the marketing geniuses at Carlsberg made it when they launched a pop-up bar made completely out of chocolate as part of their “if Carlsberg did…” campaign.

The pop-up appeared as a giant bar of chocolate mounted onto the wall of the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. Carlsberg unwrapped the foil to reveal a bar measuring three metres deep, five metres wide and two metres high. It was made up of nearly half a tonne of chocolate.

It featured a dartboard, bar stools and a TV showcasing one of England’s greatest World Cup moments, all made out of chocolate.



May Bank Holiday
The May Day Bank Holiday brings with a feel of fresh summer days just around teh corner (weather permitting).  Originally, it was probably a Roman festival celebrating the beginning of Summer and still remains a celebration of the end of Winter. The perfect time to launch summer products and promotions. Have some fun around with a Maypole or Morris dancing related promotion.

4th Star Wars Day
Ok, it’s corny but growing every year.  If nothing else, give the day a shout out on social media. If it’s right for your audience, go big with fab content.  Colouring competitions, lego building contests, dressing up days, special offers on certain product or special products!

9th National Receptionists Day

12th Eurovision
Can’t make your mind up about this particular contest? Whatever you think,  it’s a chance to celebrate all things cheesy, bright and glittery.  If you’re Pan-European, it’s good to know that this is Europe’s largest TV show attracting nearly twice the viewership of the Super Bowl in peak years. A sweepstake is always good fun or sharing some fun games you could do around the night (they don’t HAVE to involve drinking – but it helps!)

15th Ramadan Begins 
dates may vary

19th FA Cup Final
You don’t have to be a football fan to know about or take advantage of the buzz around the cup final. Supermarkets bring down the price of beer and snacks to get you to stay in and pubs are urging you through their doors to watch. This is a great opportunity to engage with your footballing customers with related offers and promotions or offer ‘escapism’ options for non-football fans!

28th Spring Bank Holiday 
This usually coincides with the school summer half term so embrace holiday related offers for kids – anything to keep them entertained! If you market to parents some kind of open day or event that they can come along to is bound to go down well.

Marvellous Marketing…

As people are looking for a half term getaway I thought I’d share this marketing campaign by Hotels.com with an amusing take on the ‘Skip Ad’ button found on YouTube videos.

When you hit the button on the ad, the same video is played, but every character in the video is now skipping. It’s in keeping with the tone of previous ads featuring Captain Obvious who had a silent video ad.

The video here demonstrates the concept by flicking between the two versions of the ad.


1st Parents Day

2nd National Donut Day
This is a US one (hence the spelling), not sure if it’s People or Pastries…

5th World Environment Day
World Environment Day has taken place on June 5 every year since 1972, and is a day of activities held every year on June 5 to support protection of the environment. Each year has a different theme and a different host.

7th First Legoland Anniversary!
Opened in Denmark, 1968

11th Queens Birthday

Her Majesty the Queen has two birthdays each year. Her actual birthday is April 21st, and she usually celebrates privately. Her official birthday is usually the second Saturday in June with a more public (and hopefully warmer) celebration. Get the union jacks at teh ready for so Royal fun using #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty

14th World Blood Donor Day

14th Ramadan Ends
Dates may vary

17th Fathers Day

It may not be as lucrative as mothers day (yet!) but it’s still a great day for businesses looking for an early summer boost. Since women make the most purchases for fathers and husbands, create promotions that appeal to their desire for convenient, easy shopping and cost savings.  Remember it’s not just for dads, it’s for fathers-to-be, fathers-in-law, stepfathers, grandfathers and father figures…..

17th – 24th Cannes Film Festival

19th Ascot

An important date in the racing calendar but it’s not just about the horses.  Have fun with a design-a-hat competition or other ladies’ day promotion. Hold your own ‘ladies’ day’ if it works for your business and of course don’t forget picnic and champagne themed promotions.

21st Summer Solstice 

It’s the longest day of the year so how can you encourage your audience to make the most of the long evenings?  It’s also time to plan those holidays and some summer fun. Get involved with any specials or promotions that tie into warm-weather vacations and fun.

22nd Global Smurfs Day

28th-July 2nd Henley Royal Regatta
Established in 1839, this is a traditional event held each year on the River Thames ….. blazers and boaters galore!

Marvellous Marketing…

Queen Elizabeth II has been the British monarch since 1952. At 89, she is still going strong and brands did a great job wishing her a Happy Birthday.
Here are a few of my favourite tweets in 2017…


2nd Wimbledon
Over 490,000 spectators will attend Wimbledon over the fortnight, and a further 300 million will watch live in over 200 countries. The country goes tennis crazy for a couple of weeks and it’s the perfect opportunity to get those tennis whites on and have some fun with your marketing. Tennis themed events, promotions and packaging will all go down well. It’s not all about the sport of course – there’s the Pimms and the Strawberries and Cream too.

4th American Independence Day

6th  International Kissing Day

8th British Grand Prix
Anything related to cars, the drivers or moving fast!

12th Malala Day
In 2014, the UN officially named 12 July ‘Malala Day’ in honour of Malala Yousafzai who was on the school bus home when she was shot in the head by the Taliban. She was targeted because she campaigned for the right of Pakistani girls to go to school, in the face of their attempts to outlaw education for girls. and has since gone on to do amazing things for both women’s rights and the human right to education.

13th International Rock Day
A chance for some great image sharing…

24th International Self-Care Day
Help your audience look after themselves!

30th Friendship Day
In 2011 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared 30 July as official International Friendship Day, with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, and cultures can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. Ask customers and followers what would be the perfect gift for their friends – get them to tag a friend. Maybe take it one step further and select a winner to receive a gift at random. Create a best friend meme series supporting your products. Friendship is about multiple people, so why not launch a combo offer on popular products or team up with a business friend to run a special promotion.

School Hols Start
Metro reported that as much as £2000 per child is spent during the summer break! If you have anything that can be linked with kids, now is the time to promote it. Parents are looking for things to do with them, ideas to entertain them at home and places to take them for a break!

Marvellous Marketing…

Sweden is one of the more forward-thinking countries in the world when it comes to communicating about itself – it was one of the first countries to have a Twitter account, which it gave control to random citizen each week. With this campaign, it wanted to show off how friendly its people are by letting anyone call Sweden. It became the first country with its own phone number, which would connect the caller to a random Swede.

People with a Swedish phone number could download an app, allowing them to participate. A video explaining the project was released, explaining the project and a second one was released a week later showing the Prime Minister answering calls.

32,069 ambassadors answered over 180,000 calls. The longest call lasted just under five hours. Best of all, not a penny was spent on media and the campaign was covered around the world.


Kids Week (London theatres)
It now lasts all month, but Kids Week is when kids go free to the theatre with a full paying adult. Most London Shows take part and it’s a great opportunity to do something theatre or kid related. 

5th National Sisters Day

8th International Cat Day

10th Duran Duran Appreciation Day
Yes really!

12th Teen Choice Awards

14th Afternoon Tea Week
Jam? Scones? Cake? We all have our favourite afternoon tea treats and this is the perfect chance to have something afternoon tea themed in your marketing. Host an afternoon tea for adults or make it a teddy bears picnic tea for kids. Targeting a younger audience? Try a special twist that fits your products. and your target audience.  Or run a competition to win tea for two. 

16th Elvis Memorial day

17th Qixi (sometimes referred to as Chinese Valentine’s Day)

19th World Photo Day
A great chance to encourage people to share photos with your products on social media or simply get involved in the conversation with your own. Instagram will no doubt be on fire – look at creating collages or doing something different. Get familiar with photoshop and have some fun. Share tips on taking better photos.

22nd Be an Angel Day
Choose a customer or a few and do something really special for them!

27th Summer Bank Holiday
The last long weekend before Christmas and a chance to make the most of the last of the summer sun (if we’re lucky to still have some!). Lazy days, last minute getaways or carnival-style fun are all great opportunities to promote something different!

Marvellous Marketing…

The Lokai bracelet has become a world-famous accessory thanks to the brand’s inspiring message of positivity, dedication to exploration, and commitment to helping a variety of causes. The idea is one which works well on World Photo Day as Instrgam is their primary platform.

A widespread customer base means they use social media effectively, allows their fans to connect and share. This user-generated content is perfect for promoting their products. Their Instagram Feed is full of gorgeous pics that are almost all product focused. Brilliant!


School starts 
Back to school promotions are great (and everywhere). Back to school-related offers are obviously going to be in your marketing mix. But look at the other side as well.  If you have a product that appeals to parents, maybe encourage them to have some time for them now with pampering or shopping (it’s their holiday now!).

It’s also about learning so maybe this is a time you can offer ‘How To guides’ on your products or services (a great way to reduce churn) or some other way to help your audience learn a new skill.

5th Be late for something date
I have an excuse today at least!

10th Great North Run
Give a shout out to the runners and raise awareness of the fun that’s happening or the causes being supported.

11th London Flower Show
A day to discuss or promote all things floral

12th BBC Proms in the Park

22nd  Autumn Equinox
Cooler nights are here and it’s time to wrap up a bit more. People are also looking at different kinds of activities or starting a new regime for the colder months so how can you capitalise on this with your products and services?

21st Internat Peace Day

23rd Batman Day
Q: What’s the difference between Batman and a robber? A: Batman can go into a store without robin!!
Q: How does Batman’s mother call him to dinner? A: (tune of 1960’s theme) Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman!!!

27th Google’s Birthday

Marvellous Marketing…

Sometimes simple things are particularly effective.

I love this animated gif used in an email marketing campaign by US stationery provider Poppin. 

A gif can let you present readers with twice as much information in the same amount of space while entertaining and engaging them along the way.

Animated gifs are easy enough to create online if you have the images and they can really help grab a readers attention if they open your emails (or on a webpage)


National Dessert Month
Need I say more!

1st  International Coffee Day
Great chance to shout out to your favourite coffee shops on social media and thank them for their service. Maybe hold meetings in one.  Have a coffee morning to raise money for a local charity. Simply share coffee pics or experiment with different flavours.

1st World World Vegetarian Day
Great chance to share veggie recipes or tag veggies you know in posts!

4th World Animal Day
Looking to raise the standards of animal welfare globally. From cute images to increased awareness of conditions for many, you can get serious or be suitably lightweight with your approach.

7th Diwali
Hindu festival of lights honouring Lakshmi (goddess of wealth). The lamps are lit to help her find her way into peoples homes. A traditional time for cleaning and exchanging gifts. Celebrate our multi-cultural society with lights and posts that spread a message of peace.

20th International Chefs Day
Celebrate your favourite restaurants or dishes with something personal. Run a cooking competition. Have an office Bake Off and invite people in to taste and judge.

25th World Pasta Day

28th International Animation Day
Play with a free gif maker to add some fun to your usual images and have something different to share on social media

28th Daylight Savings Ends 
A simple reminder can be effective for some or use it as an excuse to promote colder evenings and how you can help warm them up!

29th Internet Day

31st  Halloween
So many options here, a time for some fun in the office to share online or a themed giveaway opp posts. Halloween is more popular than ever, with adults as well as children dressing up and even sales of pet costumes seeing a dramatic upswing. You could create a haunted event, getting other local businesses involved as sponsors or partners.  It’s also a chance (along with Fireworks night) to promote child safety products and services

Marvellous Marketing…

It was a simple stunt: dress some actors as monsters, cut the lights, and scare the life out of customer during test drives. Devised by Detroit-based creative agency The Work, Ford’s three-minute video, “Spooky Car Wash Prank,” immediately went viral.

Since its release on YouTube, “Spooky Car Wash Prank” has been viewed more than 1.8 million times to be named one of the “World’s Most-Shared Halloween Ads.”


Anyone in the office willing to grow a Moustache? Chart their progress with pics you share with followers or hold an event to ‘shave it off’ and raise money for a great cause. It’s win-win!

8th World Quality Day
A forum for innovation, inspiration and creative ideas where quality is the outcome. Celebrate the achievements of your team, hold a seminar or event to spread the ‘importance of quality’ message internally and externally.

11th Remembrance Day 

18th  Mickey Mouse’s Birthday
Who doesn’t want to wish this iconic and friendly rodent a Happy Birthday.  Use it to host a giveaway competition or find an appropriate animation to share

20th Universal Children’s Day
Established by the UN in 1954 to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. Go back to your own childhood by thanking a teacher or celebrate children with quotes or raising awareness of the plight of many who are unfortunate.

21st World Hello Day
It represents the idea that conflicts can be solved with communication rather than force.  Use it as a chance to communicate with clients and followers, maybe pick up the phone to say hello to some whilst using social to spread the message of peace!

24th Thanksgiving (US) 
A US holiday that started as giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest from the preceding year. A chance to thank customers and supporters both publicly and privately.  It’s also a chance to help others an enhance your brand image at the same time. Engage in a visible community improvement project or sponsor an event that helps those in need.

25th Black Friday
A day for big sales that started in the US and seems to have spread to the UK and extended for the weekend. People will be looking for bargains, so you can go with it or be part of the anti-movement. Bargain hunters tend to stay away from the high street, preferring to shop for offers online, with sales over the entire weekend expected to top £5.76billion.

29th Electronic Greetings day

Marvellous Marketing…

Festive Marketing often starts towards the end of November and we are weary of it by the day itself.

A favourite holiday ad of mine is one which featured no products but was about the stories and the spirit of Christmas.

Directed by Wes Anderson it is a beautiful, heartwarming story.

The message for marketers? Marketing is about stories and emotions and sometimes it is what you leave out rather than what you put in that makes you stand out!


2nd Small Business Saturday
Register on their portal to celebrate your small biz before, during and after Small Biz Sat. Shout out to small businesses you know and appreciate. Attend one of their Inspire Series workshops and share what you learnt.

4th World Wildlife Conservation Day
Another chance to get those cute animal pics out!

8th Pretend to be a time traveller day
Have some fun with this looking back at the history of your business, local area or industry. Alternatively, how about sharing kiddie pics online for people to guess who it is!

10th Nobel Prize Day
Celebrate winners past and present, especially any relevant to your business

12th Gingerbread House Day
Have some festive fun and build gingerbread houses, sharing your creations. Maybe a competition for clients, followers or staff.  Great one for anyone aiming at kids!

18th Answer the telephone like the Buddy the Elf Day
This is just a hysterical idea – answer the phone with {NAME} The Elf, What’s your favourite colour?  Try it, I dare you ?

21st  Winter Solstice
Going from Chilly to Cold!  Wrap Up warm and share some warm ideas in the midst of the festive frenzy in marketing.  Standing out is tough at Christmas time, so something wintery rather than festive may have half a chance!

24th Hanukkah
This marks the beginning of the 8-day Jewish celebration of Hanukkah (the Jewish festival of lights celebrating the victory of the Maccabees over the larger Assyrian army.). On each night candles are lit on a special menorah (candelabrah). A chance to spread some love or so a special 8 day long offer.

25th Christmas Day
Take a day off, enjoy some family time!

26th Boxing Day
A chance to recover from Christmas Day unless you are a retailer launching a big sale or planning to hit the sales.

31st New Years Eve and National Champagne Day. 
A chance to wish everyone well, enjoy the New Year and consider a champagne giveaway (or just drink some…)

Marvellous Marketing…

It might seem tricky for B2B brands to pull off delightful holiday marketing. But WeWork, a provider of co-working and office spaces around the world, has disproved that perception with its #wwgiftguide campaign.

It started with an article in Creator, WeWork’s magazine for entrepreneurs, titled “Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts with a Personal Touch.”

Over the course two weeks, there were four segments of the guide published, each with a different theme — “gifts with a personal touch,” “gifts to get the party started,” “gifts for the family,” and “gifts for the digital nomad,” to name a few.

Each gift guide featured products from WeWork member companies, helping to support the community of creators for which it’s known. And to help promote the campaign, the stories have been shared across social media with the hashtag #wwgiftguide, encouraging people to share what they’re gifting this holiday season.

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