If you have undertaken a repermissioing campaign to ask people to reconsent to your emails, please make sure you continue to email only those who have opted in. This will most likely involve creating a segment in your email service provider based on those who clicked the link or are in the grouping you created to add them too.


Hints when using Mailchimp

Using Mailchimp as an example – when you go send your email you will first need to select the list and then select ‘Segment of the list’ You can pre-build this following the same steps under list  > create segment (see image to the right).

You then select the criteria for your segment, which may be based on ‘Grouping’ or on the Mailchimp GDPR Marketing fields if you are using them.

Note if you have used the Mailchimp GDPR fields, the info is stored under Subscriber Data using the title you have chosen for those fields, rather than Groups (and you cannot trigger emails based on their selecting it, at the time of writing.)

Removing recipients

At some stage you will need to create a segment that is everyone who is NOT in that grouping for deletion or unsubscribing (see image).

If you delete them it will be easier to add them in again should they re-opt in or repurchase. If you unsubscribe them, they will need to click your opt-in form or you need to perform the action ‘resubscribe’ if you import since Mailchimp doesn’t do this automatically – for your protection! (See Mailchimps info on resubscribing).

If you have multiple comms options, make sure you use the ‘ALL’ criteria at this point or you will end up removing recipients who don’t get everything!

How can I help?

I can assist with workflow concept, ideas and development as well as training on strategy and also set-up in Mailchimp.

I will be offering Mailchimp training on automation and segmentation as part of my new Breakfast Boosts training series launching in June.


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