Programme Set-Up

Help setting up your email programme!

Whether I have helped you develop your email strategy or you have one already, I can help you set-up your email marketing programme working with your chosen provider and covering all aspects of getting started.

This service is tailored to your needs, but typically includes the following elements:

Account Set-Up

Setting up your account in your chosen email services provider and ensuring all aspects are correctly addressed.

List Set-up

Creating a list that collects the data you need for targeting communications and includes a sign form and ‘hook’ as required.

Template Development

Development of a series of email templates (excluding in-depth content) that can be used for key mailings you are likely to send.


Best Practise Tips

Abest practise guide for creative and content empowering you with the information you need to send your own effective emails.

Get started

The tasks included in setting up your programme are largely dependent on the number of mailing streams you have, the ESP chosen and other marketing integrations needed.

If needed I can also assist in writing an email hook (e.g.whitepaper, guide, checklist used as a magnet to reel people in) as well as copy & creative for automated campaigns.

If you’re ready to get going or want someone to help with key aspects, then call me on 01707 258 959 for a no obligation chat on how I can help!

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