Strategic Workshops

that Empower and Enthuse!

As a specialist in email marketing, I am able to offer niche support to marketing managers and directors looking to extend their knowledge of the discipline or bring in extra insight to develop this aspect of their marketing strategy. 

These are typically delivered in the form of interactive sessions where I facilitate and lead discussion, contributing valuable insights and ideas from my own experience and knowledge throughout. They are a mix of training and specialist planning, empowering recipients with knowledge whilst including the practicalilty of planning. 


Get started with your email marketing with ideas, insights and inspiration. This workshop covers the essentials of email marketing with tailored ideas and advice.
Outcome: outline email plan.


Take your email marketing up a notch with an in depth creative thinking session. We will re-define your email marketing, including an in-depth review of your current programme.
Outcome: 30-90-180 day plan.

Big Wow

For clients with multiple email streams, looking for an inspiration injection for new ideas and in-depth analysis backed by best practise advise. 
Outcome: Optimisation & refinement plan

Topics covered

The agenda varies by workshop type, client needs, activity to date and business objectives but topics covered typically include:

  • Programme Objectives
  • Performance Review
  • Industry insights
  • Design
  • List management
  • Data and Processes
  • Actionable Advice

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Creative thinking sessions are a great way to drive your email programme forward. A fantastic way to help companies develop and nurture ideas based on best practise and absorbing ideas from other sectors!

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