Email Strategy and Planning

Communications that are effective and efficient

I will work with you to develop a practical email plan that is right for you – tailored to the size of your business, objectives and resourcing levels.

Your project is  tailored to your needs and budget but here are 3 typical examples of ays I help organisations plan their email amrketing.


Email Planning Workshop

2-hour workshop, where I am essentially giving you ideas to help take your email marketing to the next level and plan an effective strategy.


Strategy Development

In-depth startegy development with pre-consultation, anlaysis and interactive delivery of a short and long term focused on your business objectives, processes and resourcing levels


Programme Review

An in-depth review of your email programme results and practices. Each element of your programme will be assessed against best practices, presented alongside industry insights and useful metrics.

The benefit of interactive sessions

Delivering your strategy via an interactive session enables us to discuss the reasoning behind your strategy as well as refine if appropriate.

This empowers you with the Why as well as the What enabling you to refine it yourself if & when your business needs change.

At the end of the session you will have a detailed email plan that you understand and are comfortable with and will help to build relationships with your customers and prospects. 

At the end of the session, you can decide whether you would like further assistance in getting started or to implement the plan internally.

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