2nd Small Business Saturday
Register on their portal to celebrate your small biz before, during and after Small Biz Sat. Shout out to small businesses you know and appreciate. Attend one of their Inspire Series workshops and share what you learnt.

4th World Wildlife Conservation Day
Another chance to get those cute animal pics out!

8th Pretend to be a time traveller day
Have some fun with this looking back at the history of your business, local area or industry. Alternatively, how about sharing kiddie pics online for people to guess who it is!

10th Nobel Prize Day
Celebrate winners past and present, especially any relevant to your business

12th Gingerbread House Day
Have some festive fun and build gingerbread houses, sharing your creations. Maybe a competition for clients, followers or staff.  Great one for anyone aiming at kids!

18th Answer the telephone like the Buddy the Elf Day
This is just a hysterical idea – answer the phone with {NAME} The Elf, What’s your favourite colour?  Try it, I dare you ?

21st  Winter Solstice
Going from Chilly to Cold!  Wrap Up warm and share some warm ideas in the midst of the festive frenzy in marketing.  Standing out is tough at Christmas time, so something wintery rather than festive may have half a chance!

24th Hanukkah
This marks the beginning of the 8-day Jewish celebration of Hanukkah (the Jewish festival of lights celebrating the victory of the Maccabees over the larger Assyrian army.). On each night candles are lit on a special menorah (candelabra). A chance to spread some love or so a special 8 day long offer.

25th Christmas Day
Take a day off, enjoy some family time!

26th Boxing Day
A chance to recover from Christmas Day unless you are a retailer launching a big sale or planning to hit the sales.

31st New Years Eve and National Champagne Day. 
A chance to wish everyone well, enjoy the New Year and consider a champagne giveaway (or just drink some…)

Marvellous Marketing…

It might seem tricky for B2B brands to pull off delightful holiday marketing. But WeWork, a provider of co-working and office spaces around the world, has disproved that perception with its #wwgiftguide campaign.

It started with an article in Creator, WeWork’s magazine for entrepreneurs, titled “Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts with a Personal Touch.”

Over the course two weeks, there were four segments of the guide published, each with a different theme — “gifts with a personal touch,” “gifts to get the party started,” “gifts for the family,” and “gifts for the digital nomad,” to name a few.

Each gift guide featured products from WeWork member companies, helping to support the community of creators for which it’s known. And to help promote the campaign, the stories have been shared across social media with the hashtag #wwgiftguide, encouraging people to share what they’re gifting this holiday season.

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