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Deliverability is the level of success you have achieved in getting in to your recipients inbox. There are a number of reasons why this is becoming more challenging - not least the prolific amount of spam sent on a daily basis from people pretending to be our trusted...

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Is the Email Newsletter Dead?

In this marketing world of big data and automation, many people question if newsletters still have a place in a marketing strategy. Without a doubt the best emails develop customer relationships by providing relevant content in a timely manner. Campaigns that are...

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Mobile Friendly Emails

Why should you make your emails mobile friendly? The stats speak for themselves with over half of emails being read on a mobile device and this post has 5 useful tips mobile friendly email marketing.

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Festive emails

Christmas isn't that far away for marketers so I thought I would share a couple of ideas to add some fizz to your festive emails (or indeed any!) Compelling offers Give them an offer (or 3) that they cannot refuse. Money off isn't always the way to go and at...

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Relationships and wine

Two of my favourite things! Anyone that knows me well knows that I like the odd glass of wine and I also love marketing that builds relationships! My latest video is about what they have in common and what this means for you as a...

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Email Marketing – Calls to Action

When you think about your email calls to action, is it more of an after thought? The two most important things in your email are the subject line and the call to action. One encourages opens and the other drives the email’s primary purpose, getting your readers to...

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Action plan for segmenting your data

I spoke about segmenting your data recently and have had quite a lot of feedback asking for a simple action plan to help in segmenting and targeting communications. I have put together this 6 step plan to help you develop relationship centric emails and messaging. 1....

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8 easy options for segmenting your data

Are you like the many clients I deal with who are small to medium businesses who have woken up to the fact they need to move beyond blast newsletters in their email marketing, but are not sure quite where to go next? Does all the talk about automation, big data and...

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Relationship Marketing Video Series

Relationships in marketing are much like any other- they time to build up and develop. This short series of clips helps you relate marketing relationships to everyday ones.

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